January 12th Meal Prep

Happy Monday, everyone! I officially have my first week of Trees & Honeybees under my belt and I want to thank everyone for tuning in. Be sure to let me know what articles you liked and feel free to ask me questions on anything! I check my Instagram, @trees_and_honeybees, regularly so feel free to connect with me there, as well.

This week’s low-waste meal prep is much closer to what I will be doing regularly- short blogs that show what I bought and made for the week with as little waste as possible. I’ll be sure to included the recipes where possible as almost none of these are my own recipes!

Grocery shopping this week happened at Whole Foods. Full disclosure, I really dislike Whole Foods now that they are owned by Amazon. I used to shop there exclusively and defended their prices because their produce was top notch. As someone who eats a lot of produce, that was something I valued. Now that it’s owned by Amazon, though, the quality has plummeted. I end up with bad produce frequently which is why I rarely shop there anymore. This weekend, though, was supposed to be kind of full so I squeezed grocery shopping in on my way home Friday and this was the most convenient grocery store.

Groceries this week came to about $60. I think the increase in price came more from the fact that it is Sumo orange season again and less from the fact that I was at Whole Foods. Guys- Sumo orange season may be my favorite season right after Fall! If I could afford it, I would be eating those oranges with every meal. If you have not tried one, I HIGHLY recommend tracking some down. (Of course, one of the oranges was completely moldy in the center because #AmazonWholeFoods. They are at least predictable in their quality?)

The theme of the meal prep this week was to try and use up a few things I had already open. I made:

  • Overnight Oats (x3). Instead of buying fresh blueberries, I will top the oats with blueberry chia jam I already have open. I’m also putting a little chocolate granola I got in my stocking on top.
  • Cashew Vegetarian Chili (makes 7). I couldn’t find kidney beans in bulk so I used equal parts pinto beans, black beans and chickpeas. I would recommend roasted and salted cashews for this recipe cause it adds a nice pop of saltiness in your chili.
  • Corn Bread Muffins (makes 12. I will freeze about half the batch)- This goes with the chili. I have a little bit of corn meal I’m trying to work my way through.
  • Winter citrus salad (I made 4) with Cara Cara oranges, Sumo oranges and Blood oranges. Yes please!
  • Hemp Chocolate Energy Balls (made 14. I’m not sure if you can freeze these though I may try)- I’m trying to keep processed sugar to a minimum and date balls are a great natural sweet for after lunch to help with that craving. I made these with Sun Butter because that is what I had.
  • Simple stir-fry with some extra veggies from last week and farro.
  • I also bought stuff to make a tofu curry and will likely make that mid week once I’ve finished the stirfry.
  • I also made a batch of cold-brew.

The only purchase in this week’s meal prep that had plastic was the tofu. I have yet to find a plastic-free tofu so please leave your tips if you have any! The bulk of my protein comes from beans because it’s a zero-waste option but I do like to add variety to my meals every once in a while with tofu or frozen edamame.

What did you meal prep for this week? Are you going to give any of these meals a try next week?

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