March 9th Meal Prep

I don’t know what came over me this weekend but I was ambitious on Saturday! I had a fairly empty house so I took full advantage and cooked my butt off, trying a whole bunch of new recipes, including making my own peanut butter!

This week’s groceries were a bit more expensive because I restocked a lot of dry goods but was still able to keep it around $50.

My meals this week included:

Asparagus and New Potato Frittata: I don’t have a recipe for this but I roasted a pound of asparagus for 20 minutes; steamed 4 new potatoes then sliced them thin; layered the asparagus and sliced potatoes in a pie dish and topped with 6 whisked eggs. Then I baked it at 350 for about 25 minutes, I think.

It came out pretty good. It could definitely use a bit more seasoning but it’s not bad. I’ve been eating this with an orange on the side.

Zucchini and quinoa enchiladas, served with a side of steamed green beans. I made half of this will Miyoko Smoked Mozzarella vegan cheese and half with nutritional yeast. I also went waaay too light on the sauce. This recipe said to dunk your shells in enchilada sauce and that seemed excessive so I made the enchiladas, lined them up and poured sauce over the top. Next time, I think I will top each enchilada with sauce after I put it in the pan so it’s all saucy before I put the next enchilada in. They ended up kind of sticking together. For the filling, I did sub 2 cups of mixed beans which I had in my freezer for the pinto beans. The flavor was still really good, though!

Homemade Tortillas– I used solid coconut oil instead of lard and used these for the enchiladas. They don’t stay fresh for long so you’ll want to use them right away or pop them in the fridge pretty quickly.

Dutch Oven Bread – My first foray into making bread with my dutch oven came out pretty well! The dough was definitely wetter than the video in the link and I wish I had added more flour. The result was the bread came out a tad doughier then I think it was supposed to but the crust was perfect and it still tasted great! I froze half of it and will be having the other half for dinner this week with some Sundried Tomato hummus and cucumbers.

I’m going to plan daylight savings for my laps in taking photographs of ALL the things I made this weekend. You can see above all the spreads and dessert I have linked below.

Sundried tomato hummus – I completely made this on a whim. I had extra chickpeas and I wanted something to go on my bread and I found this recipe after figuring out what I had in my fridge. And it’s SO tasty. It tastes like pizza. I highly recommend.

Chocolate Hummus – I left out the dates and added another TBSP of maple syrup. The result was the dip really wasn’t all that sweet. Whether that’s a positive or negative, I’ll let you decide. Taste test it as you make it so you can add more sweetness if you want. I’m pairing this with apples for an afternoon treat.

Homemade Peanut Butter – I didn’t add anything besides roasted, unsalted peanuts and salt. 2 cups of peanuts reduced down to about 1 cup of peanut butter. As a reference, it filled half of my Teddie’s Peanut Butter jar. It tastes exactly like Teddie’s, too.

Homemade almond butter- I followed the instructions for the peanut butter but just used roasted, unsalted almonds. I left it to blend for longer then the peanut butter and the results were amazing! I’m a big fan of making my own nut butter now!

Vegan Almond Blondies – These used my homemade almond butter and have a really good flavor but the servings are quite small, if you follow that, and the coconut sugar left them a bit grittier then a traditional blondie. I think light brown sugar would incorporate into the blondie better but I haven’t actually tried that. Please note that the texture did not prevent me from eating like three of these the day I made them!

And there you go. My very full recipes for the week, all made with as little waste as possible. I’m particularly glad I found some hummus recipes I like as those are a bit too easy to buy in packaging.

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