Product Review: Besame Cake Eyeliner

Hello everyone! As promised, I’m going to try and up the number of times I post each week to help give you some new things to read while you are stuck inside. For my second post this week, I had to share with you my favorite low-waste eyeliner from Besame. I’ve actually had this post written since before I launched this blog but I’d just struggled taking pictures. I’m not a make-up Youtuber, guys! I didn’t want to do a make video but it’s also very difficult to take pictures of your eyeliner. The following review and pictures are the best I could do. I apologize in advance.

Prior to purchasing this eyeliner, Besame had been my Go-To for lipsticks. The are such a fun brand. All of their make-up is inspired by vintage products. But, more importantly, they are the brand that supplied Agent Carter with her signature vintage red lip (color: red velvet. where to watch: Disney+. I highly recommend both the lipstick and binge watching the show.) I was pretty confident based on the quality of their lipsticks that I was going to like their eyeliner and I was correct.

I can’t 100% remember how this was packaged. It was one of the first zero-waste products I purchased and it was before I had decided to start this blog. I’m pretty sure the tin came in a cardboard box and the eyeliner cake was wrapped in paper. The only item that was wrapped in plastic was the little vintage brush that you can use to apply this as a mascara. It looks like a toothbrush and truthfully, I haven’t tried it yet.

I also purchased the Besame’s brush set. I use the liner brush. The handle is made out of wood, not plastic though the set does come in a plastic sleeve.

To apply the cake as an eyeliner, you mix a little water on the cake until it’s a thick, spreadable paste. Then, you apply it to your eyes just like you would an eyeliner pen. That’s it! It takes a little time to get the hang of the application but if you are coming from any type of liquid eyeliner, this should be comparable. In fact, I was using Tarte’s Liquid Eyeliner previous to this and I hated it. It was a million times messier than this is. You have so much more control over the consistency with Besame’s eyeliner.

I like a little bit of a winged eyeliner. I think the Besame Liner brush does a great job at helping me achieve that look.
Also, taking pictures of your eyeliner is weird…

I did read some reviews about the eyeliner on other zero waste websites prior to purchasing it that said it was high maintenance. I have not found that to be the case. I’ve applied it in my bathroom, in my room, in my car and at my work desk and I’ve made it work each time. If I’m not in the bathroom, I will apply a little water from my water bottle right onto the cake and mix it. It’s that easy.

I have not tested it in terms of whether it’s water proof but it does stay on well throughout the day and comes off easily with coconut oil, which is what I use to remove my eye make-up.

The price is $25 which may seem high when compared to something like Maybelline eyeliner at Target but honestly, this stuff seems like it lasts forever! And when you do run out, you can just order the cake separately and refill your tin, which I love!

It’s hard to describe how the eyeliner works so here is a tutorial video from Besame that shows how to apply it as mascara and as eyeliner. They make it look far more glamorous than I do!

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