Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper

When making low waste swaps, some things are harder than others. Finding a good deodorant that works with your body AND comes in sustainable packaging? Hard. Finding toilet paper that ISN’T wrapped in non-recyclable plastic? So, so easy. Get comfy because we are going to talk way more about toilet paper then I’m sure you ever thought you would!

The low-waste toilet paper that I have tried is Who Gives a Crap toilet paper. WGAC is a B-Corp, which means they meet the highest level of transparency, accountability and social and environmental performance. In other words, if you are looking to be a more conscious consumer and to vote with your dollar, shopping from B-Corps is a great way to start. We’ll get more into what WGAC does specifically throughout this post.

I ordered my first box back in December and it lasted me over 6 months. As in, right through that initial coronavirus pandemic craziness were people were fighting in stores for toilet paper. Yeap! I did not have to worry about that once! If that doesn’t convince you to sign up for a TP subscription, I don’t know what will.

I actually don’t have a subscription YET but only because I wanted to test out both kinds for you, my amazing reader. Who Gives a Crap offers two different kinds of toilet paper: 100% recycled toilet paper and bamboo toilet paper.

The 100% recycled toilet paper is made from recycled books and office paper, AKA no trees were cut down to wipe your tushie. That’s right, the majority of store-bought TP is made out of virgin material. As Who Gives a Crap says “A tree’s only purpose should not be wiping our bums! They have so much more to offer!” 100% agree, guys. 100% agree.

The second TP offering is the Bamboo toilet paper. By the time I ordered this, we were well into the pandemic and the only thing I could pick up was the 48 pack, which barely all fit under my cabinet. Thank goodness I like it!

Bamboo is also forest-friendly. It’s used a lot in eco-friendly products because it’s technically a grass so it grows back super fast and it doesn’t need irrigation or fertilizing.

Bamboo toilet paper on the left, Recycled toilet paper on the right

Both types of TP are shipped right to your door in recycled cardboard boxes (the tape is still plastic but they vowed to go plastic free and are working on paper alternatives); they are ink, scent and dye free and they are safe for septic systems. If soft is your thing, the website claims that that bamboo rolls are “softer than unicorn manes”. I’m not overly familiar with the manes of unicorns but feel free to weigh in if you have experienced both WGAC toilet paper AND unicorn manes. 🙂

Alright, last thing before we get down to what I think you should buy- 50% of all proceeds of both toilet papers go toward helping build toilets for those in need. You can check out how that helps people and communities on their website.

So, now that I have written more about toilet paper than I thought I ever would, what should you buy?? I found both types to be on par with anything you can buy at the box stores. They both fit into my holder, they were both strong and 3-ply and, well, did what TP is supposed to do! I found the bamboo to be slightly softer if that is important to you. Though, it does cost slightly more at $34 for 24 rolls and $52 for 48. The recycled TP comes in at $30 for 24 rolls or $48 for 48 rolls. Comparatively, a roll of Charmin’s Ultra Soft Toilet paper 30 pack is $29.99 at Target. I find the convenience and piece of mind to be worth the little extra money. I mean, chances are, if you’re going to Target for toilet paper, you’re going to be dropping extra money on nail polish you don’t need, that seasonal candle you don’t need, a toucan patterned-towel in the bulk bin that you maybe didn’t need…you get my point.

I, personally, am a fan of the bamboo paper but to be 100% honest, it’s because it matches my aesthetic. As cute as the pink sprinkles and teal stripes of the recycled paper are, those black and white patterns are right up my alley. You really can’t go wrong with either option, though!

Who Gives a Crap does also offer forest friendly paper towels and tissues. I have not tried these so I can’t speak to either product. If you have, please feel free to leave some comments below.

How are you feeling about plastic-free, eco-friendly toilet paper? Is it something you are willing to try?

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