Meal Prep Monday October 19

This week’s meal prep is a little bit different. I’m going on a much needed trip in 1 week and needed to clean out my fridge so I decided to challenge myself to #shopmypantry and #shopmyfridge. I wanted to see what I could make without going grocery shopping.

After all, I’d rather spend that grocery shopping money on meals on my trip!

So what was I able to produce with what I had?

For breakfast, I made a few servings of overnight oats. Oats are cheap, easy to find in bulk and I almost always have them in stock. I mixed the oats with almond milk, chia seeds, protein powder and a little maple syrup. It’s not much to look at right now but it will thicken up over night. I’ll top it with nut butter, cacao nibs and some frozen dark cherries in the a.m.

For lunch, I made a fresh batch of sourdough bread, half wheat and half all-purpose. I had some leftover avocados and you know what that means- avocado toast! I hardboiled eggs to go on top for some protein. This is such an easy meal prep and one of my favorites.

Dinner is leftover soup. The freezer is your best friend when you are making food for one. I had some leftover Detox Soup, which I will thaw out for the rest of the week. I know the frozen soup isn’t much to look at but I wanted to show you some short cuts you can take with meal prepping. Freezing batches of food, where possible, can help prevent you from getting sick of a meal, can save you time later on and help stretch a buck.

And voila! I didn’t have to go grocery shopping this week. I have some frozen fruit and veggies which I will also make smoothies with once my overnight oats run out.

And lastly, if I need something sweet, I have a little bit of Tony’s Chocolate left. I definitely think I’m going to need to restock! If you didn’t see my IG feed about Tony’s, check out their website to learn about all the ways they are trying to not only be eco-friendly but also eliminate slavery in the chocolate industry.

What are your go-to easy meal prep recipes when you are trying to stretch your buck?

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