Meal Prep Thursday?

I’ve been toying with the idea of moving my meal prep posts to the end of the week when people are starting to make grocery lists and plan their meals for the following weeks. I go back and forth on whether Monday or Thursday is better. I like the alliteration of Meal Prep Monday but Thursday might just work better for people’s schedules. Do you have a preference?

So this week, in the spirit of using what I have and trying to keep my grocery shopping lower, I prepped some meals around a few things I already had.

For Breakfast, I’ve been on a huge hot oats kick and I already had all the ingredients.

If you are working from home and have time to make them on the stove top, like I did this week, you can meal prep just the dried ingredients ahead of time. I like 1/3 cup of oats, 1 TBSP ground flax seed, 1 TBSP hemp hearts and a scoop of protein powder. The morning of, I mash 1/2 of a banana in a small pot, add my dry ingredients and 1 cup of water. Cook to your desired thickness and top as you please! I am a pb fan all the way. This recipe was based off an Alexandra Andersson recipe I found a few weeks back but I couldn’t find it again but I want to make sure I credit her. The link is to your youtube page.

If you are working and want to make this once you get to work, you can certainly use a microwave.

Lunch was chickpea salad in the homemade pitas I made a few weeks back. I’ve kept them frozen so they’ve lasted me longer then I intended but as I haven’t made bread in a while, this ended up working out well! I REALLY liked the pickles mixed into the recipe. I used some homemade pickles and vegan mayo then added avocado and tomatoes to the pita. I had planned on adding some greens but the pitas never have as much room as I think they will. If you want to load on the vegetables, a wrap would work better but you could make this into any time of sandwich you want.

For dinner, I wanted something warm that wasn’t soup. I’m kind of burned out on soup but it’s still cold and snowy here so I opted for red thai peanut curry. As I had chickpeas for lunch, I swapped them for cannellini beans and the full fat coconut milk for lite. This was yummy and my only regret is I didn’t have any naan to soak up the leftover sauce.

My snack this week was leftover brownies from a virtual cooking class I took with a few friends last week. We signed up for a homemade ice cream sundae course through Milk Street Live Online. The sundaes included cardamom vegan brownies and some almond shortbread. The picture above is the completed sundae after the class, but mostly I just ate the brownies solo. The class was fun and something different to do while things are still a little weird with the pandemic. I certainly had leftovers so I’ve been snacking on those all week!

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