Meal Prep, Thursday August 19

Well hello! I haven’t done a proper meal prep post in FOREVER! I just started having to go into work again, though, so it’s back to the meal prep routine!

As a recap, I include meal prepping on my eco-friendly blog because I think done correctly, it can help save money and help prevent food waste. This isn’t fool-proof and is definitely something I’m still working on as someone who cooks for one but I’ve seen an overall reduction in my food waste and it’s definitely cheaper then eating out!

This week was the first meal prep I did with some new guidelines in mind. I have been seeing a holistic doctor and nutritionist and after taking some blood work, I’m trying to keep a few things in mind. The biggest change is that I am cutting out eggs from my diet! Considering I ate about a dozen eggs a week during the pandemic thanks to everyone having backyard chickens, this is the biggest change. I have gone vegan before, though, so I’m hoping it won’t be too hard.

Among other things, I’m also looking to work more healthy fats into my diet as well as a little bit more seafood. As someone who has been vegetarian/pescatarian since I was 10, this is another big change. Though I never eliminated fish like I did other animal products, it’s never something I cooked for myself. I really only ate it if I was going out to eat and there were sad vegetarian options. Now, I’m working to incorporate it a little bit more, which should be interested, while still being conscious of the fact that commercial fishing is a huge burden on our planet. It’s a balance I’m still figuring out!

So with that all said, here was my meal prepping for this week. I’ll do another small one today or tomorrow to get me through the weekend and use up any leftovers in my fridge.

Breakfast: Apple Pie Overnight Oats, which was based on this overnight oats recipe. I subbed out the cinnamon for apple pie spice, the banana for all natural, no sugar added apple sauce (the only ingredient should just be apples) and then the blueberries for fresh apples. I also cut the maple syrup down a bit but that’s a personal preference. I paired it with a drizzle of almond butter and the Whole Food Dairy’s granola. Again, I swapped out the cinnamon for apple pie spice and used cashews for the nuts. I had pecans already in the oats and almonds with the almond butter so I was just trying to make sure I had some variety. To meal prep these, I made the oats and divided them into my servings. The night before, I’d add the almond butter and granola so they were ready to grab-and-go in the morning. I have VERY little time in the morning so anything I can do ahead of time or the night before is a must.

These came out SO good. I would highly recommend you do not skip the almond butter and granola. It came out so tasty that I’m sad it only made 3 servings. Expect these to pop up again when fall hits.

For the rest of the week, I prepped my go-to smoothie from Jessica Eats Real Food. I talked about this constantly last summer. For this week, I didn’t include the mint extract and added some strawberries for more of a banana-strawberry smoothie. I topped it with almond butter and granola which I had left over from the ONOs. The smoothie was good but it’s hard to follow those oats.

Lunch: I made this One Pan Lentil Daal Curry , except I thought I had red lentils and I didn’t so I had to use the green lentils. The texture was obviously a bit different but it was SO good. I served it with basmati rice. I’ll definitely be making this one again. It actually made more servings then I was expecting (I halved the recipe and got 5 servings. obviously one isn’t pictured because I ate it before the picture! 🙂 ) so I didn’t make enough rice for that sad 5th serving. Whoops!

Dinner: And here’s the weekly fish. I’m still not sure what I’m doing with fish so I used a recipe that I have had before, I know is good and I have made before with tofu- Mediterranean Salmon. I added green beans to the veggies and served it with some farro cooked in vegetable broth. I was worried about this recipe not meal-prepping well but I made three servings and they held up fine! I made sure to eat these consecutively so they weren’t lingering in my fridge.

Snacks: In honor of trying to up my healthy fats, I made some Ranch Mixed Nuts. For nuts I used pecans, almonds, cashews and brazil nuts, which I found all in bulk at the Willimantic Co-Op. I also made a fruit salad and had some leftover The Whole Food Diary Everyday Chocolate Chip Cookies (not pictured). I used the recipe in Kezia’s basic cookbook, which I highly recommend. I couldn’t find it on her website but she has very similar recipes on there. I even made her homemade chocolate chunks to use instead of chocolate chips and was pretty proud of myself!

Are you guys getting back to the office? If so, have you started meal prepping again?

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